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Customer Comments

Easy online ordering and shopping.
Debra, Round Lake, MN - 11/28/2017

earp sr, johnson city, TN - 11/28/2017

George, Calistoga, CA - 11/24/2017

Juan, Nogales, AZ - 11/23/2017
Great product. Fit great with very little trimming. I could not be happier with my purchase!
Sean, Landing, NJ - 11/19/2017

thomas, hyde park, NY - 11/19/2017
Nice product and speedy service
Chad, Murfreesboro, TN - 11/17/2017
The quality of the carpet is much higher than OEM. Higher than expected. The molded fit was great. I took my time cutting the holes for the console, seat mounts and trimming and the finished install looks awesome. I wasn't sure about adding the Mass Backing. The adder for this was low enough that I purchased it. What a difference this makes in reducing the road noise. Highly recommended company and product.
Robert, Katy, TX - 11/17/2017
Very satisfied with complete service
Socorro, Lansing, MI - 11/15/2017
I am very happy with this carpet, it looks great and was easy to install, I didn't have to trim very much at all. Interior of the car looks so much better now
Matt, Alpine, NY - 11/12/2017