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Frequent Questions

1. Is your carpet OEM?
We are an aftermarket (not OEM) vehicle carpet retailer. All of our auto carpet kits are custom molded to the original floor pans for each car.
1. Will my carpet have all the holes cut and trimmed like the original?
No, your automotive carpet will require a little work to place in your car.
1. Does the carpet come with any padding?
Yes, all automotive carpet kits have a heavy Jute pad bonded to the bottom of the carpet in the area where your feet rest (not under the seats)
1. Will the carpet come with the heel pad attached?
All auto carpet kits have an attached heel pad (drivers side only)
1. How quickly can I get my vehicle carpet?
All automotive carpet kits are custom made, and they are manufactured as-ordered. This process usually takes about 3 business days.
1. Do you offer Massbacking?
Yes, for almost every molded carpet.
1. Can I get a sample of the carpet I am interested in?
Yes, click here for information.

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