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8 Easy Steps to Improve the Smell and Appearance of Your Car, Truck or van Interior

Is your car's interior looking faded or worn out? Have the kids completely destroyed the carpet or seat upholstery? Well, there are a few things you can to to repair the problems without having to invest in a completely new vehicle. With the price of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs going through the roof, the easiest way to save money is to spend a little money on the automobile you already have!

8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Auto Interior

1. Find the source of the problem. This step sounds so obvious that some might overlook it. If you have leaks or spills in your vehicle, you should always find and solve that problem first. Otherwise it does't matter how much you improve your car's interior, it will always go back to looking bad again. If you find the source of your problem to be your children, well.. you are on your own there!

2. Do something about the smell! Sometimes, the only problem (or the worst problem) in a car's interior is the smell. Some things like mildew and spoiled milk can cause a smell that just does not want to go away. With a little investigation, you can find the source of those smells and get rid of those problems for good. If the source of those smells has gone into the seats or carpet, it might take more work to remove them.

3. Replace any missing or broken trim pieces. If your vehicle is several year old, you might have missing or broken trim pieces. Replacing these will make a big difference in the overall look of your vehicle's interior. This might not always be as easy as it sounds, since your dealer may no longer stock these items in the color you need.

4. Replace a sagging or torn headliner. Many cars that are several years old have problems with a sagging or torn headliner. If left alone, this can actually become a hazard to the driver and other drivers on the road. Replacing your headliner is not a difficult or expensive job for a do-in-yourselfer. Click here to read about the headliner replacement kits that we have available.

5. Try to clean your carpet and upholstery. You might be surprised how well the fabric and carpet in your automobile looks after a good cleaning. Sometimes it might be necessary to clean the carpet and seat upholstery with a machine, and you might even need to pay a professional to clean it, but with the right equipment you can get alot of dirt and grime out of automotive carpet and upholstery.

6. Get new floor mats. Sometimes, all that is needed is a new set of floor mats. I know it sounds simple, but the floor mats take the most wear and tear in your vehicle. A new set of floor mats can cover some set-in stains, as well as make the carpet look brand new (in some cases).

7. Replace your Auto Carpet. This will take a little more work, but you will be amazed at the difference that replacing your auto carpet will make in your car. Not only will the floors of your vehicle look like new again, but you will also get that "New Car" smell back. If your carpet is beyond cleaning, then this is definately the best option for improving your car's interior. This is a job that with a little patience, any "do it yourselfer" can do at home. For most cars, a new carpet will cost less than $125, and you will improve the value of your car by much more than that. This step will probably give you the most improvement for the investment, and could potentially increase the value of your automobile. Browse the list of vehicles to the left to find new carpet for your vehicle.

8. Replace your vehicle's upholstery. Like the previous step, repacing your vehicle's upholstery will make a world of differene to the interior of your car. The difference being that this might not be a job that the average person can do for themselves, and this might require a professional to install. If your seats are faded, stained or have holes this might be your best option.

If you follow these simple steps to improving the look of your automotive interior, not only will you enjoy your vehicle, but possibly increase the value as well. You can easily repair your car's interior and put off the need to buy a brand new vehicle. In the long run, a little money invested in improvements can save you thousands of dollars, or possibly raise the value of your trade in when that time does come to buy the new car.

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